Acoat National Benevolence Program

Every year Superior Collision Repairs joins The Acoat selected National Benevolence Program which allows local community businesses, such as ourselves, to give back to the community that we live in, work in, and depend on.

This program is about taking damaged but repairable vehicles that have been “written off” by their owner’s and insurance companies, repairing them and giving them away to individuals in need of safe, reliable transportation.

At Superior Collision Repairs Ltd. we feel very fortunate to be involved with such a charitable project.

However, even though we at Superior Collision will be repairing and presenting the vehicle, the car that is given away to a deserving individual will be representing our community. Last year the entire community got involved by donating not only the car, but also insurance, tires, parts, mechanical services, and over 40 local businesses donated food and gifts that were placed in the vehicle. It is truly the community that puts the vehicles together.

Past Years Photo Gallery


If you know someone in the community that is hard working and struggling to better their situation while striving to improve their quality of life, we are also accepting nominations to this program.

To apply, please fill out the nomination form below.
Applications will be reviewed between August and October for the presentation in December.

If you would like to sponsor this year’s vehicle and family, contact us to find out how you can get involved. It is only with the support and assistance from others, that these cars are reconditioned and able to be presented to deserving individuals.